How to Auto Select Different Signatures for Different Recipients in Your Outlook Emails

Many users hope that Outlook can auto select the different signatures for different recipients in the emails. Thus, this article will teach how to realize it via VBA. By default, Outlook only allows you to auto insert the varying signature into new emails, replies and forwards. However, many people even hope that Outlook can auto select the different signatures for varying recipients. Unfortunately, Outlook doesn’t provide such a direct feature. Thus, you have to seek other ways, such as...

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How to Quickly Block & Unblock Attachments with Specific File Types via Outlook VBA

Outlook is set to block the attachments with specific file types, such as “.exe”, “.bat” or “.mdb” file. This article will teach you how to block and unblock specific file types in attachments via Outlook VBA. By default, Outlook is able to auto block the attachments with specific file types like “.exe” or “.bat”, etc. More specifically, for instance, when you try to attach such files to an email, you will get a warning. Plus, if you receive any emails with such...

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3 Ways to Batch Promote or Demote Heading Levels in Your Word Document

In this article, we would like to expound 3 ways to batch promote or demote heading levels in your Word document. The proper use of headings makes a good structure in a document. And speaking of property, it’s inevitable to change heading levels now and then. For example, while merging several individual documents into one, you will have to promote or demote some heading levels.Admittedly, it’s not rocket science to promote or demote a single heading level at one time. But, when it...

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