3 Salient Aspects Related to Compressing SQL Server Backups

In this article we give a close look at salient aspects related to compressing SQL Server backups in detail. Compression in SQL Servers is a great way to make space for new data and it majorly increases the usage of CPU. However, it might consume some extra strength from the additional CPU, and thus, has the potential to negatively affect the ongoing, coinciding operations. For this reason, you need to create what we term as 'compressed backups'. A compressed backup is naturally, much...

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How to Batch Print All Attachments in Multiple Emails with Outlook VBA

If you would like to print out all the attachments in multiple selected emails in bulk, you can utilize the method introduced in this article. It is using a piece of VBA code to achieve it in quick time. As you can see, when you select a single attachment, there is a direct “Quick Print” feature available in the “Attachments” ribbon. However, when you select over one attachment, the “Quick Print” button will be disabled, not to mention to print all attachments in many selected...

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6 Smart Ways to Copy Tracked Deleted Text in Your Word Document

In this article, we would like to explain 6 smart ways for you to copy tracked deleted text in your Word document.     With “Track Changes” feature turning on in Word, you will get a strike-through over text whenever a deletion is made. You see the text in screen, but Word considers it has been deleted, thus you are unable to copy the text and use it somewhere else. For instance, you will get such a warning message: Therefore, you need some workarounds. Method 1: Copy the Tracked...

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