How to Auto Set the Same Color Category to All Mails in the Same Conversation in Outlook

If you want to set the same color category to all emails in the same conversation, you can utilize the piece of VBA code introduced in this article to realize it. In order to better classify and manage emails, you may be used to applying color categories. In addition, if you have many conversations, namely email threads in your Outlook, so as to better identify the emails in one conversation, you may like to apply the same color categories to all the mails in the same conversation. With no...

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3 Ways to Quickly Delete All Section Breaks in Your Word Document

In this article, we want to share with you 3 ways to quickly delete all section breaks in your Word document. Section breaks are useful in creating multiple sections in Word document. So you can format different sections in distinctive styles. And here is our previous article for you to quickly insert section breaks in document: 3 Ways to Quickly Insert Section Breaks into Your Word Document However, it’s quite common to revise a document, such as changing styles, re-dividing sections,...

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How to Quickly Expand or Collapse All Mail Folders in Your Outlook

At times, you may want to expand or collapse all mail folders in the mail navigation pane in one go. In this case, you can utilize the methods introduced in this post. For some reasons, such as to check the emails in different folders and subfolders more conveniently, you may want to expand all the mail folders. Equally, when you feel that keeping all folders expanded makes your mail navigation pane looks too complex, you may wish to collapse all the folders. At this point, if you expand or...

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