How to Quickly Convert All Embedded Images to Attachments in Your Outlook Email

If you would like to quickly change all the pictures embedded in message body to email attachments, you do not need to manually remove and re-attach. You can just use the piece of VBA code exposed in this article. Sometimes, you may wish to batch turn all embedded images to attachments. For instance, too many pictures in the message body will interrupt your reading the texts in the body. Therefore, you want to remove them from email body and add them as attachments instead. Of course, you...

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2 Methods to Batch Mark All Overdue Tasks Complete in Your Outlook

Sometimes, you may forget marking tasks complete, such that there may be many overdue tasks in your Outlook Tasks folder. In this case, you can use either way introduced in this article to batch mark all overdue tasks complete in one go. As you can see, once a task becomes overdue, it will be shown in red color, which is quite striking. However, most of time, why there are so many overdue tasks in your Outlook is that you forget marking them complete. Therefore, often, you may wish to batch...

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2 Smart Ways to Get Tasks of the Day in Your Word via VBA

In this article, we will demonstrate you 2 smart ways to quickly get all the tasks of the day in your Word via VBA. If you are the guy who prefer to make detailed schedule for work, then you will need the following tips to quickly get tasks of the day. In our times, we see information explosion everywhere. Similarly, we don’t think you need to open your memo and look through all tasks there. Instead, wouldn’t it be better to get just specific tasks that day? To achieve so, you ought...

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