How to Batch Empty All “Deleted Items” Folders in All Your Outlook Email Accounts

If you’ve configured several email accounts in your Outlook and each account uses a separate Outlook data file, you will have several “Deleted Items” folders. When you want to empty each “Deleted Items” folder in every email account, you can utilize the piece of VBA code in this article. It permits you to empty them in bulk. As we all know, Outlook allows users to add and configure several email accounts. Plus, if each account uses an individual Outlook data file, every file will...

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How to Make a Percentage Calculator in Your Word via VBA

In this post, there are detailed steps for you to make a percentage calculator in your Word with the use of VBA editor. A Word document can contains a lot of numbers, such as a sale report. Then you may find it such a headache to deal with percentage calculation. Therefore, we want to offer you the way to build a percentage calculator by yourself in Word.        Insert a User Form Firstly, trigger VBA editor in Word with “Alt+ F11”. Then click “Insert” and select...

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How to Make a Stopwatch for Examinations in Your Word via VBA

In this article, we will elaborate on how to make a stopwatch that you can use for examinations in your Word via VBA. With VBA editor in Word, you can actually create many small but useful tools by yourself. And today, we want to show you the way to make stopwatch. You can trigger and use it whenever Word is open. For example, it shall come handy while taking examinations. Insert a Module in VBA Project First of all, hit “Alt+ F11” to open VBA editor in Word. Then click...

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