3 Smart Ways to Print Your Word Document without Background Color or Image

In today’s article, we decide to show you 3 smart ways to print your Word document without background color or image. A proper and nice background color or image can make a document more eye-catching. Therefore, now and then, you will probably set background color or image for your document out of aesthetic purpose. If so, there can be times when you will prefer to print document without its background color or image. First, you can save your ink to be cost effective. Second,...

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4 Best Practices to Avoid A SQL Injection Attack in SQL Server

In this article we look at certain best practices that companies can implement to avoid a SQL Injection attack on production database. One of the greatest threat a SQL Server instance will always have is that of a SQL Injections. SQL Injection is rogue SQL injected in a SQL database by hackers, for multiple reasons. A SQL injection modifies the code of the databases, giving the hacker access to the database, and allowing them to make changes, however they like. This is done primarily for...

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How to Quickly Remove Duplicate Recipients from Your Outlook Email with VBA

If you add contact groups to the “To” field of the current email, there may be some duplicate ones among them. This article will teach you how to use VBA to quickly remove the duplicate recipients. When composing an email, if you not only add contacts but also contact groups as recipients, sometimes, there may be some duplicated recipients as the contact groups are collapsed by default. In this case, if you want to find out the duplicate ones, you have to firstly expand the contact...

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