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How to Quickly Invoke another Application from MS Word

In this article, we will present you the way of how to invoke an application from MS Word by running a macro. When you are creating a Word document, you may have to switch from Word window to others so as to run another application. Some of you may find it not convenient. Then, we will demonstrate you a quick way that is to use the macro in Word. Here comes detailed explanation: Create a Macro Command In order to run a macro command in Word, you must first create one. First and...

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4 Methods to Merge and Unify Two Lists with Different Formats

This article will look at ways to merge lists with different formats as well as their pros and cons respectively. Chances are that when you copy a text containing numbered list and join it with another one, there could be two different styles or levels of numbered lists. Question is how can you combine them avoiding messing up the document content? Let’s take the combination of two multilevel lists as an example. Following are 4 different methods to achieve the goal: Method 1: Use the...

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How to Translate Foreign Texts with Built-in Translator in Word

In today’s article, we will focus on showing the way to translate foreign texts with built-in translator in Word. Every now and then, some of you are likely to encounter with content in foreign language which you have no idea of its meaning. Under such circumstances, you will have to look up these words or text through various dictionaries. However, even if you are using electronic dictionaries online, this work can cost you much time and kill your patience through frequently switching...

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