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2 Ways to Fix the Location of Your Picture and Prevent it from Moving with Other Contents

In today’s article, there are 2 ways to fix the location of your picture and prevent it from moving with texts. Nowadays it’s quite common for you to insert some pictures into your Word document so s to make it vivid and attractive. Chances are that when you go back to modify the text around a picture next time, the picture is very likely to move and leave its original position, resulting in frequent changes of page layout. Then how about finding ways to lock the pictures in Word...

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How to Find, Change and Delete Hyperlinks in Your Word Document

In the article below, we will introduce you how to find, change and delete hyperlinks in your Word document. Hyperlinks in a Word document are very convenient. We can click it to quickly jump to the corresponding web page. Moreover, Word provides a feature which can convert the text into hyperlink automatically. However, sometimes it is not desirable. In one of our article “3 Ways to Prevent Word from Auto Creating Hyperlink", we show you how to prevent Word from auto convert text into...

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3 Ways to Go to the Last Edit Location in Your Word Document

In this article, we shall present you 3 easy ways to go to the last edit location in your Word document. From time to time, you are very likely to work with a long Word document. Under such circumstances, you may find it difficult to fulfill the mission once for all. Actually it’s quite reasonable to finish the job in several times. However, it can be frustrating for some of you to find the exact last editing place. Therefore, in the text below, we will present you three simple methods to...

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