3 Quick Ways to Convert Tables to Images in Your Word Document

In this article, we will show you 3 quick ways to convert tables to images in your word document. 

Why do you need to convert Word tables to images?

Here are 3 main reasons for this question.

  1. To prevent from accidentally changing the cell size. Saving Word tables as images can help you make sure your table format won’t change anymore, so the whole document will stay in the way it is. Thus you don’t need to adjust it all the time.
  2. To protect the data integrity. Convert tables to images can stop others from accidentally modifying data in your tables.
  3. To share table data more easily. Obviously, it’s more convenient to send an image rather than a whole document in the case of file sharing. Furthermore, when it comes to the mobile devices, some people just don’t have Word installed.

Then let’s take a look at how these 3 ways work.

Method 1: Take a Screenshot of the Table

  1. First and foremost, open the word which contains the table.
  2. Then if you have installed screenshot software on your computer, you can use it to take a screenshot of the table and save it as image.
  3. Or you can utilize the built-in “Paint” to do the task. First, press “Print Screen” key.
  4. Next, open “Paint”.
  5. Click “Clipboard”.
  6. Then click “Paste” option.
  7. Again click “Paste” on the list-menu.  Click "Clipboard" ->Click "Paste" ->Click "Paste" again
  8. Next you can choose to crop the image so to save only the table.
  9. Click “Save” button and choose a storage location.Effect of Converting Table to Image by Taking Screenshot

If the table is extremely long, you may have to repeat the screenshot step several times and paste them as one image.

Method 2: Convert Document to PDF

  1. Firstly, open the Word document.
  2. Then click “File” tab.
  3. Next click “Print”.
  4. And choose “Adobe PDF” for “Printer”.
  5. Then click “Print” button.Click "File" ->Click "Print" ->Choose "Adobe PDF" as Printer ->Click "Print"
  6. Now the document will be save in PDF format. Open the PDF file.
  7. Click “File” tab.
  8. Then click “Save As”.
  9. In “Save As” dialog box, choose an image format for save type.
  10. Then click “Save”.Click "File" ->Click "Save As"Choose Image Type for Save Type ->Click "Save"Effect of Converting Table to Image by Saving as PDF File in Image Format

Certainly, you can use “Paint” to crop the image.

If you have a long table that extends over one page, you can choose to set up the paper size. For example, you can choose “A3” or an even larger one.

Method 3: Insert an Object

  1. First, copy and paste the table on a new document.
  2. Then save the document and close it.
  3. Now open another new document.
  4. First click “Insert” tab.
  5. Then click “Object”.
  6. Next click “Create from File” in “Object” dialog box.
  7. Then go to click “Browse”.
  8. Next, choose the file which contains your table.
  9. Click “OK” in “Object” dialog box.Click "Insert" ->Click "Object" ->Click "Create from File" ->Click "Browse" ->Click "OK"
  10. Now the table will display on the document. Click it.
  11. Then right click.
  12. And choose “Copy”.Right Click on the File Just Inserted ->Choose "Copy"
  13. Next click “Home” tab.
  14. And click the upside-down triangle on “Paste” option.
  15. On the list—menu, click “Paste Special”.Click "Home" ->Click the Upside-down Triangle Button on "Paste" ->Choose "Paste Special"
  16. Now in the “Paste” dialog box, just choose an image format, such as “Picture (Enhanced Metafile)”. But you cannot choose “Picture (JPEG)”, because you will get a black table on which you cannot see the data.
  17. Then click “OK”.Choose "Picture (Enhanced Metafile)" ->Click "OK"
  18. Remember to save the document.

Still if the table is a long one, you can follow the below steps to set the page before you convert table to an image.

  1. Click “File”.
  2. Then go to “Print”.
  3. Next click “Page Setup”.Click "File" ->Click "Print" ->Click "Page Setup"
  4. In the “Page Setup” dialog box, click “Paper” first.
  5. Then in the spin box behind “Height”, you can choose the largest number.
  6. Next click “OK”.Click "Paper" ->Choose the Max Height ->Click "OK"

Comparison of 3 Methods

Methods Advantages Disadvantages
Take a Screenshot of the Table It’s a quick and simply way to convert table to image. 1.         For a long able, you have to take several screenshots and paste the images together to get one.

2.         You can only have one image a time.

Convert Document to PDF 1.         You can get a long table converted to an image in one page.

2.         You can convert several tables to images at the same time.

1.         You have to use picture tool to eliminate the unused text.

2.         You don’t have to paste several image into one to get a long table image.

Insert an Object You can get a clear-view long table image. 1.         You can only get one image a time.

2.         You don’t have to paste several image into one to get a long table image.

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