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4 Ways to Unselect the Trailing Space after Selecting a Word via Double Click in Word

In this post, we are happy to share with you 4 ways to unselect the trailing space while selecting a word by double click in Word. The quickest and easiest way to have a word in selection is to double click on it. However, Word by default selects the trailing space after the target word for you as well. This feature can be annoying if you need to copy the word as a part of password. Therefore, we find 4 methods to tackle this problem. Method 1: Press “Shift+ Left arrow” First of...

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A Quick Overview of Administrator Audit Logging in Exchange

In this article we look at administrator audit logging in Ms Exchange in depth and understand its working Administrator Audit Logging permits you to log in if an administrator or any other user modifies or makes changes in MS Exchange. You can then store a record of these changes and track the person who was responsible for the said changes. These can further be used for checking if your organization is in adherence to the regulatory mandates. You can request for troubleshoots and discovery...

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3 Macro Ways to Quickly Convert Your Word Documents into PDF Files

In this article, we will focus on providing you with 3 macros which you can use to quickly convert Word documents into pdf files. In Word 2003, there is an icon on the menu bar. With a single click, users are able to trigger the “Save As” window instantly and save the document in pdf format. However, as you notice, the layout in Word 2010 changes a lot. And users have to click “File” tab then the “Save As” command to trigger the “Save As” window. Moreover, you have to...

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