How to Remove the Background or Unwanted Parts of a Picture in Your Word

In today’s article, we will show you how to remove the background or unwanted parts of a picture in your Word.

In terms of editing on image or picture, most of you may jump to the idea of PS applications. Admittedly, they can do an amazing job. Yet, it requires money and time to purchase and learn the sophisticated software. Here is the good news. Word can meet some of your very basic requirements of image modification, such as removing the image background.

Steps to Remove the Background or Unwanted Parts of a Picture

Following are specific steps for you to get the result:

  1. First and foremost, open up your Word.
  2. Then click “Insert” tab.
  3. Next click “Picture” icon in “Illustrations” group.
  4. In “Insert Picture” window, choose the picture which you want to remove its background.
  5. Then click “Insert”. Click "Insert" -> Click "Picture" -> Choose a Picture -> Click "Insert"
  6. Now double click the picture to enter editing.
  7. Next click “Remove Background” icon on the Ribbon.Click "Remove Backgroud" Icon
  8. Now you can see the picture background has turned into fuchsia, and the area to be kept is in a rectangle box with handles on. Put your cursor on these handles.
  9. Click and drag handles to enlarge or narrow the area you need to keep.The Picture Background Turning into Fuchsia
  10. When finishing this, click “Keep Changes” in “Close” group to. Or you can click the empty area outside of the picture.Click "Keep Changes" in "Close" Group

Both operations enable you to exit editing the picture and achieve the result as below:Effect of Background Removal

  1. Of course, if you want to withdraw all changes, you can just click “Discard All Changes” in step 10 and you can have your original picture back.

Refine Your Removal of Picture Background

In fact, the aforementioned steps are basic ones to remove the background of a picture. What’s more, the effect of automatic background removal can fail you from time to time, which gives the ground to refine your removal of picture background. Here are details:

  1. Finish the above first 9 steps.
  2. Then click “Mark Areas to Keep” in “Refine” group.Click  "Mark Areas to Keep"
  3. Now your cursor will change into a pen shape. Click the area you want to keep and you see the fuchsia color disappears and plus signs are left.Click to Mark Areas to be Kept
  4. Similarly, click “Mark Areas to Remove” to get rid of the unwanted parts.Click "Mark Areas to Remove"
  5. Repeat step 3.Minus Sign in Unwanted Areas
  6. And if you wrongly mark an area, you can click “Delete Mark”.Click "Delete Mark"
  7. Then go to click the mark and it will disappear.
  8. Finally, repeat step 10 in “Steps to Remove the Background or Unwanted Parts of a Picture”.

You now can get the below effect:Effect of Refining Background Removal

You can check demonstration in the video below:

In Case of Word Collapse

I assume some of you have been to the stage of losing Word files due to Word collapse. Facing such a risk in daily work is certainly not a pleasing experience. What’s worse, it can be more troublesome when you start to repair word. So it’s quite important to choose a professional product to do the repair work.

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