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How to Preserve Mailboxes for In-place eDiscovery in Exchange Server

In this article we look at the process of preserving Exchange mailboxes for performing In-Place e-Discovery. When an employee ceases to be a part of the organization, their mailboxes are either disabled or deleted. And once a mailbox has been disabled, it gets disconnected from the account of the user, and remains in the mailbox for default period of 30 days. After the mailbox has been disconnected, the Managed Folder Assistant does not process information from it, and none of the retention...

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How to Auto Clear the Flag of an Email When Replying It in Outlook

If you intend to reply an email later, you may first flag it. Then when you complete replying it, you can clear the flag. This article can teach you how to let Outlook auto clear the flag when you reply the email. Outlook provides us with the “Flag” feature, by which we can follow up an email more conveniently. For example, when receiving an email, which requests you to send a reply, you may want to put it aside for a while as you need to make some other precautions, such as writing some...

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How to Create Your Own Resume Reader with Excel VBA

Large companies use costly software to scan resumes using their custom built keywords list to find candidates for all open positions in their company. If you are a small consultancy firm and if you are still scanning your resumes manually, do not worry. Now you can build your own resume scanning tool. Download Now If you want to start to use the software as soon as possible, then you can: Download the Software Now Download the Resume Template Now Otherwise, if you want to DIY, you...

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