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How to Quickly Create a Series of Countdown Appointments with Outlook VBA

If you want to create several appointments which are correlative, you can use the method introduced in this article. It permits you to create a series of countdown appointments simply by a button with Outlook VBA. Occasionally, in Outlook, you may need to create a series of appointments, such as several appointments counting down to a specific date. In this situation, if you create them one by one, you must feel troublesome. Of course, you can use Excel to create the countdown appointments...

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How to Quickly Find and Remove Duplicated Emails in Outlook

Have you ever received several duplicated emails in Outlook? The duplicated emails will clutter up your mailbox. Now this article will help you quickly find and remove the duplicated emails. At times, for some reasons, such as the server hang-up, you may receive or send out some duplicated emails in your Outlook. It is believed that you must dislike saving them in your mailbox in that accumulating duplicated emails will mess up your mailbox. It will be difficult for you to distinguish your...

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How to Batch Export Multiple Contacts’ Photos and Information with Outlook VBA

If you wish to extract the contacts’ photos and their primary information to a folder on your local disk in batches, you need to use Outlook VBA. This article will teach you how to achieve it in detail. Outlook permits you to export the contact information via “Import and Export” feature. You can go to “File” > “Print” > “Import” > “Export to a file”. However, this feature doesn’t allow you to export the contact photos. Thus, if you would like to extract...

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