3 Steps to Quickly Hide Unwanted Calendar Items in Outlook

At times, we may hope to hide the temporarily unneeded calendar items in Outlook. In this article, we will offer the fastest method, which enables you to hide unwanted items just by one right click.

For some reasons, sometimes Outlook users may want to hide unwanted items from view. When it comes to hiding items, “Filter” feature in view settings must be the best tool. But it would be cumbersome to individually add the unwanted items to “Filter” every time when we need. In reality, we can quickly accomplish it by one right click with the help of “Color Category”.

Step 1: Create a New Color Category

  1. At the very outset, launch Outlook program.
  2. Under “Home” tab, you will be able to find and click on “Categorize” button in “Tag” group. Then from its drop down list, you should select “All Categories”.All Categories
  3. In the new popup dialog box of “Color Categories”, take the following steps:
  • Firstly, hit “New” button.
  • Next assign a name to this category, such as “Hide”.
  • Later click the down arrow next to in “Color” field and choose desired color from the drop down list.
  • After that, click “OK”, you can see the new color category in the list.
  • Ultimately press “OK” button.Create a New Color Category

Step 2: Customize a New View to Hide the New Category

  1. For a start, shift to Outlook Calendar pane, just by clicking “Calendar” icon in navigation pane.
  2. Then shift to “View” tab, click “Change View” and choose “Manage View” from the popup menu.Manage View
  3. Then click “New” button and specify a name for this new view, like “Hide”.Create a New View
  4. Next click “OK” button. You will get into a new dialog box of “Advanced View Settings”. In it, click on “Filter” button.
  5. Subsequently, in the “Filter” dialog box, switch to “Advanced” tab. Then select “Categories” in “Field” box, choose “doesn’t contain” in “Condition” and type the category name “Hide” in “Value” box, like the following screenshot.Specify Filter
  6. After that, click “Add to List” button and hit several “OK” until all the dialog boxes are closed entirely.
  7. Finally when you back to Outlook Calendar, you can change the original view to the new view. In the new view, unwanted appointments in “Hide” category must be hidden. So move on the next step.Change to Hide View

Step 3: Assign Unwanted Calendar Items to the New Category

  1. Now you can select the target calendar items which you want to hide.
  2. Then right click on the selected items and choose “Categorize” > “Hide” from the context menu.Assign Unwanted Calendar Items to the New Category

From now on, whenever you would like to hide unwanted calendar items, you can directly right click the item and choose “Categorize” > “Hide” from the right clicking menu. It is considerably convenient.

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6 responses to “3 Steps to Quickly Hide Unwanted Calendar Items in Outlook”

  1. I’ve found the answer – it’s because of the logic used with the doesn’t contain filter (OR instead of AND)
    Try looking up query builder for filtering multiple categories

  2. Ah it’s to do with the logic used when using these filters (OR is used instead of AND)

    see this site for tips on using query builder to filter multiple categories

  3. Hi Helen
    I found the same issue.
    Single category filtering is fine.
    I tried multiple lines of filter
    and also listing multiple categories with semi colons

    couldn’t get it working

  4. Thank you for these steps! Do you know if Outlook can hide multiple categories at once? These steps worked to filter for a single category on “doesn’t contain,” but when I add multiple lines of Categories “doesn’t contain,” then they all appear.

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