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How to Always Open Your Email in a Maximized Window with Outlook VBA

Outlook doesn’t offer a direct feature to always open email in maximized window. If you would like to achieve it, you need resort to Outlook VBA. This article will expose the detailed VBA codes and steps to you. When you want to open an email, you can double click on it. In normal situation, the email will open in a small window. Actually, a majority of users prefer to read email in full screen, namely in maximized window. Thus, in this case, you have to manually maximize the Message...

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How to Make Some Fields Mandatory When Filling in an Outlook Contact

If you frequently forget filling in specific important information when you save a contact in your Outlook, you can utilize the method introduced in this article. It can help you make some fields mandatory when filling in a contact. When you create and save a contact in your Outlook, sometimes, you may forget filling in some vitally important information, such as company, job title, business telephone number or business address or birthday, etc. If such cases frequently occur, you must hope...

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2 Quick Ways to Batch Print Multiple Word Documents

In today’s post, we are glad to share with you 2 quick ways to batch print multiple Word documents at once. As document goes, it’s hard to not talk about the printing. Normally, we would open a document and print it separately one by one. This can be acceptable when there are only a few files. However, speaking of a large number of documents, we should come up with quicker solutions instead opening and printing each one manually. Following are 2 available methods for you to batch...

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