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How to Get Confirmation Before Snoozing the Reminders of Important Items in Outlook

If you prefer to snooze the reminders in your Outlook, sometimes, you may miss the important items. This article will teach you how to prevent yourself from snoozing the reminders of significant items. As you can see, in Outlook, when a reminder pops up, there is a “Snooze” feature in the dialog box, which permits you to suspend the reminder and let it warn you later. More often than not, for most users, if they are pretty busy when reminder alerts, they will select to snooze this...

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3 Quick Ways to Find All Fields in Your Word Document

In today’s article, we are thrilled to present you 3 quick ways to find all fields in your Word document. By default, the fields we insert into Word document take the same text style as normal one. Therefore, you will find it hard to distinguish them from plain texts. This can leads to accidental editing or deletion of an important field. This article is dedicated to 3 quick workarounds to stand out fields. Method 1: Alter the “Word Options” Generally, you can see the gray shading...

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2 Quick Ways to Batch Print Specific Pages of Multiple Word Documents

In the article bellow, we want to share with you 2 quick ways to batch print specific pages of multiple Word documents. Batch printing files is definitely a blessing for many of us. It saves time opening each file and also a couple of clicks. Now what about batch printing specific pages of multiple Word documents? For example, it would be useful to print the first page of several files at the same time. Also, to print the “Contents” or “References” pages of multiple files are also...

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