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2 Methods to Change the Default Duration of Appointment and Meeting in Outlook

By default, when you create an appointment or meeting, the default duration is set to half an hour. If you want to change it, you can refer to the 2 methods introduced in this article. As you can see, when create a new appointment or meeting, the duration of the new item will be automatically set to 30 minutes. However, in reality, this is not suitable for most users. Therefore, many people would like to change the default duration of appointment and meeting to their own preferences. Focused...

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How to Open Hyperlink in Outlook Directly instead of New Browser Window

When you click on a hyperlink in an Outlook email, the link will be opened in your default internet browser. But actually you can also use the method introduced in this article to open hyperlink directly in Outlook. You must have known that when you click on a hyperlink in an Outlook email, the webpage of the link will open by your default Internet Browser. However, there are many users who would like to directly open the hyperlink within Outlook. In the earlier versions of Outlook, there...

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3 Ways to Get Word Count Statistics Related to Text Boxes, Footnotes & Endnotes in Your Document

In today’s article, there are 3 quick ways to get word count statistics related to text boxes, footnotes and endnotes in your document. It’s not hard to get the total count of words in a document. But if you want to get the number of words of different kinds of texts, then more operations will be required. Following are 3 methods. Read on to see what you can use.  Method 1: Count Words Including Texts from Text Boxes, Footnotes and Endnotes By default, Word counts all words appear on...

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