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3 Effective Ways to Remove Unwanted Spaces in Table Cells in Your Word Document

In the following article, we would like to offer you 3 effective ways to remove unwanted spaces in table cells in your Word document. Now and then, we need to inset a table to hold texts and data. But we often have to adjust the table size after entering texts and data. And sometimes, we will get a table with unwanted spaces in cells after adjusting its size, such as below: In the example above, there is a blank line below the text in each cell. But we are unable to get rid of it simply...

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3 Ways to Quickly Insert Section Breaks into Your Word Document

In this article, we will focus on showing you 3 ways to quickly insert section breaks into your Word document. Section breaks are useful as to divide a document into sections, chapters, etc. Besides, to insert section breaks is an indispensable part of setting different headers or footers on different pages. Normally, we will have to navigate to the page and locate cursor at proper position. Next click “Page Layout” and “Breaks”. And then choose a section break type on the...

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How to Replace the Color Category of an Outlook Item with VBA

If you want to replace the color category of an Outlook item, you’ll need to remove the original one as a new category is assigned. Thus, in this article, we will teach you how to automate this via VBA. The primary reason why we make use of color categories in Outlook is to better classify and manage your Outlook items. Plus, Outlook permits us to assign one or more color categories to one item. However, too many categories assigned to a single item may sometimes clutter up your...

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