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How to Quickly Get the Total Count of Items in a Folder and All Its Subfolders via Outlook VBA

If you have multiple subfolders under a certain folder and now you want to count the items in this folder and all its subfolders, you can use the way introduced in this article. In general, to check the total count of items in one folder, you have two ways. One is to select this folder and then you can view the count of items in the lower-left corner of status bar. The other one is to change folder properties to set it to show total number of items. However, if there are several subfolders...

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How to Unrar .RAR Attachments Directly in Outlook via VBA

In general, to unrar the “.rar” attachments in an email, you should firstly save it and then use specific tool to extract internal files. This article will provide you a method to unrar directly in Outlook. Outlook doesn’t permit you to preview the “.RAR” attachments. Also, you cannot unrar the “.RAR” attachments straightly within Outlook. Therefore, if you wish to view such an attachment, you should firstly save it to local drive and then extract the internal files from it via...

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How to Quickly Export the Size Information of All Folders in a PST File to an Excel File

If you want to check the size information of each folder in a PST file, you can use the method exposed in this article. It’ll quickly export the size information of all folders in a PST file to an Excel file. When your PST file is too large, you may wish to check the size of each folder. It’ll help you easily figure out which are the larger ones and do suitable archiving on basis of the size. In general, to check the folder size, you can simply right click on a folder and then choose...

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