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How to Auto Archive Old Items in Your Outlook Inbox When It is Too Full

This post will teach you how to let Outlook auto archive the old items in your Inbox folder as soon as the total count of Inbox items exceeds a specific limit. As we all know, Outlook offers users with an “AutoArchive” feature. However, by default, it can only be configured to run based on the predefined time interval. If you want to let it auto run depending on the total number of items in an Outlook folder, you have no choice but to utilize other means, such as VBA. Thus, in the...

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How to Batch Export Multiple Outlook Emails into One Word Document via VBA

If you want to batch export multiple Outlook emails into a single word document, you can use the VBA code shown in this article. It can assist you to accomplish this task within seconds. I have ever introduced how to convert an Outlook email into a Word document in my previous article – “2 Effective Methods to Convert an Outlook Email to a Word document”. However, both the 2 means mentioned in that post will be helpless in the case where you desire to batch export many emails into one...

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How to Quickly Export Voting Statistics from an Outlook Email to an Excel Worksheet

If you have sent an email with voting buttons, after recipients send you their replies, you may want to count and export the voting statistics to an Excel worksheet. So, in this post, we will teach you how to achieve it swiftly. Outlook is so powerful that it even offers a “Voting” feature. My previous article “Skillful Use of MS Outlook for Voting” has taught how to utilize it effectively. Also, most of time, after voting, you may proceed to export the voting statistics to an Excel...

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