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Busting 4 Myths Related to MS Access – What You Need to Know

Over the years a lot of myths have been propagated with respect to Ms Access. In this article we attempt to dispel some of them.   Myths and misconceptions are not only limited to people and ideologies, but are also spread to software and applications. MS Access, one of the most used application from MS Office, also has its own share of myths, being help by the users, as well as the non – users! If one continues holding on to the myths without personally attempting to check their...

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6 Important Factors Affecting Hard Drive Performance

Nowadays, hard drive is widely used by both individuals and businesses for data storage. Therefore, a good hard drive is badly needed. Now this post will show you 6 vital factors which is influencing hard drive performance. It is an unquestioned fact that when a hard drive fails, the data stored in it will be prone to corruption, such as corrupt PST data. With no doubt, no one is willing to accept such data loss due to hard drive failure. In general, to block a hard drive from failure, we...

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How to Auto Export the Time Spent on Each Appointment of Last Week in Outlook

Many users are used to creating a report of time spent on their weekly schedules, such as weekly appointments. Now, this article will teach how to let Outlook auto export the time spent on each appointment of last week every Monday. For some reasons, like summarizing your weekly schedules and works, you may hope that Outlook can automatically count and export the time you spend on each appointment of last week every Monday. Now, the method below will help you realize it. Auto Export the...

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