3 Different Methods to Rotate Text in Your Word Document

The following article is going to propose you 3 different methods to achieve rotating text in your Word document.

There are times when you want to make your Word document easy on the eye. Honestly, to insert pictures into the document can be a good choice. Then what are you going to deal with those plain texts? How can you make them seem more attractive? That is what we plan to discuss here: rotate text in Word document.

However, you may know that you can’t rotate text directly. So here are 3 solutions-to insert a text box, insert WordArt and convert the text into a picture.

Method 1: Insert a Text Box

  1. At the beginning, click “Insert”.
  2. Then click “Text Box” in “Text” group.
  3. Next, just choose “Simple Text Box” on the drop-list options.Click "Insert" ->Click "Text Box" ->Choose "Simple Text Box"
  4. Type text into the text box.
  5. Select the text.
  6. Click “Home”.
  7. Then choose a proper “Font Size” for the text, such as below:Text in Proper Size
  8. Now click the text box so as to select it.
  9. Go to click “Format” on the Ribbon.
  10. In “Arrange” group, there is the “Rotate” option. Click it.
  11. Choose one rotate option you like for your text. Or when you finish step 8, you lay cursor at the green handle.Click Text Box ->Click "Format" ->Click "Rotate" Option
  12. Click it.
  13. Hold on the click.
  14. Now you are able to drag text box to rotate whatever degrees you like in any direction.Put Cursor on the Green Handle ->Click ->Hold on to Rotate any Degrees in any Direction
  15. Probably, you may find the text box lines are in your way. Then right click the text box.
  16. Choose “Format Shape”.Right Click the Text Box ->Choose "Format Shape"
  17. Click “Line Color” in “Format Shape” window.
  18. Choose “”No line”.
  19. Then click “Close”.Click "Line Color" ->Click "No line" ->Click "Close"

Below is the effect:Text in a Text Box without Lines

Method 2: Insert WordArt

  1. Click “Insert” first.
  2. Then click “WordArt”.
  3. Choose a style.Click "Insert" ->Click "WordArt" ->Choose a Style
  4. And type in the box.
  5. Repeat from step 11 to step 14 in method 1.Rotate the WordArt

Method 3: Convert Text into Picture

  1. Select the text you want to rotate.
  2. Right click.
  3. Then choose “Copy”.Select the Text ->Right Click ->Choose "Copy"
  4. Next click “Home”.
  5. Then click “paste”.
  6. Choose “Paste Special” option.Click "Home" ->Click "Paste" ->Click "Paste Special"
  7. Now in “Paste Special” window, choose “Picture (Enhanced Metafile)”.
  8. Then click “OK”.Choose "Picture (Enhanced Metafile)" ->Click "OK"
  9. Go to click the text, and you shall find it has been converted into a picture.
  10. Next, right click.
  11. Choose “Format Picture”.Right Click Picture ->Choose "Format Picture"
  12. Click “3-D Rotation” on the left side.
  13. On the right side, you can type a specific degree or click those Up/Down arrow buttons to rotate the picture around X, or Y, or Z-axis.
  14. Finally click “Close”.Click "3-D Rotation" ->Click Up/Down Arrow Buttons

Check the below video to view the effect:



Comparison of 3 Methods

Methods Similarities Advantages Disadvantages
Insert a Text Box 1.         All 3 methods enable you to rotate your text.

2.         All 3 methods enable you to rotate text any degrees.

Simple 1.         You can only achieve a 2-D rotation.

2.         You have to remove the text box lines.

Insert WordArt It’s the quickest one. 3.         You can only achieve a 2-D rotation.


Convert Text into Picture Using this method, you can achieve a 3-D rotation. When rotate your text to some degrees, you may fail to get a clear view.

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