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How to Quickly Count the Occurrences of a Specific Text in Multiple Outlook Emails

If you want to count how many times a specific text appears in multiple Outlook emails, you can refer to this article. It will share you a really rapid method, which is using VBA. Some users ask for a quick solution to count the occurrences of a specific text in several Outlook emails. Undoubtedly, counting manually and one by one is quite tedious and troublesome. Thus, here we will expose a much more intelligent way. Now read on to get it in detail. Count the Occurrences of a Specific...

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How to Create a Multi-column Lookup List in MS Access

In this article we look at quickly creating multi-column lookup lists in MS Access with minimum effort. A lookup field or a lookup list in MS Access allows users to efficiently enter data in a datasheet, by providing the user with multiple stored options of user friendly values, per record. These values are bound to other values in the value list. These lookup lists can be multi-column and/ or multi valued. A multi-column lookup list is one which consists of multiple columns of values, this...

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6 Best Backup Storage Solutions for Business Data

Data loss is quite catastrophic for businesses. Thus, businesses should make great efforts in effective data backups. Now, this article will share 6 best backup storage solutions for business data. With no doubt, in comparison to individuals, businesses will suffer much greater loss in case of data loss. Generally, common computer users will just encounter file corruption like damaged Outlook data files, which actually can be recovered most of time. However, in contrast, data losses in...

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