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Subreports – Why Do You Need Them in Access?

In this article we explore the need of subreports and learn to create them too. We create reports in MS Access to summarize data in a database, but there might be a need to create a summary of two related tables, in this situation, a user can make use of a subreport. Subreports are the reports of related tables and not complete databases, these can be inserted in a main report. Subreports prove to be an essential part of the Report feature in MS Access, by using subreports apart from the...

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How to Quickly Copy All Tables from One Email to Another in Outlook

In Outlook, when you need to extract and copy all tables from one email to another, it’s undoubtedly tedious and cumbersome to do it manually. This article will share a much smarter way with you. At times, you may desire to create a new email containing the tables of another email. If there is only one table in the email, it is very easy. However, if there are multiple tables in the source email, manually copying is too tedious. So, in the followings, we’ll introduce another way that is...

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Hardware vs Software RAID: Which Is Better for You?

Hardware redundant array of inexpensive disks (RAID) and software RAID are two main ways for setting up RAID system. Many are confused about which is better. Actually, both have pros and cons. This article will guide you to make a good choice. Nowadays, redundant array of inexpensive disks (RAID) has become a more and more popular data storage technology for both individuals and businesses. It can combine multiple physical disks into a single logical unit. Thereby, it can provide users with...

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