File Recovery

8 Top Factors Causing Physical Damages on Hard Drive

Hard drive is prone to get damaged physically due to its sensitive components. So as to protect your hard drive from destructive damages, you had better figure out the underlying contributing factors. This article will reveal 8 of them. It is well-known that hard drive is quite vulnerable. It can get corrupted logically and physically. Generally, logical failures on a hard drive can be fixed just through a potent and reliable repair tool. In contrast, physical damage is far more...

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How to Batch Add a Same Note to Multiple Contacts in Your Outlook

Many users long for a quick solution which can permit them to add a same note to more than one contact in one go. Although Outlook doesn’t provide such a feature, it still can be realized with the piece of VBA code shared in this article. At times, you may need to add a specific note to multiple contacts, such as adding a same note to all the contacts that belong to a specific color category. There is no doubt that adding the note to the contacts one by one is quite tedious. Hence, in the...

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How to Quickly View Multiple Contacts’ Addresses on the Same Map in Your Outlook

Outlook permits users to map each contact’s address separately. But, if you want to check multiple contacts’ addresses on the same map, you have to use other method. In this article, we will share you such an approach. In Outlook, to check a contact’s address, you can open this contact and press the “Map It” button. It is quite convenient. However, by this means, you can only view one contact’s address at a time. If you desire to view multiple contacts’ addresses on the...

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