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2 Methods to Quickly Print All Highlighted Texts in Your Outlook Email

If the highlighted texts in an email are vitally important information, you may wish to print them out. This article will teach you 2 ways to quickly extract and print the highlighted texts in an email. Generally, we will highlight the extremely significant texts in an Outlook email. At times, you may desire to print out all the highlighted texts in an email. But there is not such a native feature in Outlook. You have to seek other means, such as the following one. Method 1: Print All...

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How to Make Pivot Charts in MS Access

In this article we look at the steps involved in creating Pivot charts in MS Access in quick time. You might already be aware of the charting feature in MS Excel, but MS Access too, comes built in with a great charting feature. The basics of both these are pretty much the same and Access has some brilliant charting tools. You need Pivot Charts when you wish to do an interactive analysis. A Pivot Chart is simply a graphical representation of the data in a Pivot Table. There are two types of...

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In-depth Insight into Data Loss in Virtual Environment

With the advent of virtualization technology, many businesses have benefited a lot. But data loss is prone to take place, too. Also, the data loss in virtual environment can be much more serious. Now, this article will probe into this issue. Nowadays, virtualization technology is more and more mature and is developing into the mainstream. Based on related survey, a great amount of large enterprises have already made full use of virtualization. More specifically, they’ve virtualized their...

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