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How to Restore with Recovery Option in SQL Server

The Restore with Recovery option available in SQL Server for restoring backups is explained in detail, along with T-SQL codes used in its implementation. Using SQL Server can be very tasking if you are not clear with its feature set, and what all to do with it. SQL Server is one of those software that floods the user with lots of options, features, commands etc. Apart from the bulk of data it allows you to store, it also gives you the option of backing it up. And beyond backing up the SQL...

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How to Create an Append Query in MS Access

This article addresses the importance of Append Query and the proper way of creating them in MS Access. In MS Access and all the other database management systems, queries act like the pillar of the software, which can perform various actions to make your database more organized and operational. These queries come in handy for working on different types of tasks, like for retrieving, updating, editing or deleting, or creating a new table in the database. Action queries can be used for...

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Will Defragging Hard Drive Benefit or Harm Data Recovery?

As we all know, defragging hard drive regularly can improve the drive performance in a great degree. However, does it make impacts on data recovery? Is it beneficial or harmful to data recovery? This article will tell you the answer. Despite faster speed of solid state drive (SSD), the hard disk drive (HDD) is still widely used for data storage. It is because that in comparison with SSD, hard disk is more cost-effective in terms of storage capacity. If you are also using hard drive, maybe...

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