File Recovery

Why You Should Change the Status of Secured Database to Unsecured while Sharing It

Here we explain it to you why setting the database status to unsecured can be of help when shifting to unsecured locations. This article also gives the steps for the same. It is unlikely that a user would change the status of his/her secured database to an unsecured database. However, this is a necessary exercise if they wish to install or share that database in any form in an unsecured environment. However, users don’t have to worry about their secured database as it remains unchanged in...

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What to Do If You Cannot Create Recovery Drive in Windows?

Windows supports users to create recovery drive to back up system. But, sometimes, you may fail to accomplish it. Under such a circumstance, what should you do then? This article will give you a quick guide. In order to avoid vexing system crash and data loss like damaged PST data, it is highly essential to back up your computer. Fortunately, if your PC is running in Windows, you can make full use of its built-in backup features, such as "Recovery Drive". It's exactly a bootable drive. With...

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