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How to Auto Highlight the Important Emails You Haven’t Replied in Outlook

So as to remember to reply the important emails, you may wish Outlook to show the vital emails you haven't replied in a specific manifest color to highlight them. Now, this article will teach you how to get it. Have you ever missed any important emails and not replied them in time? If you have been suffered such issues, maybe you will hope that Outlook can highlight the important emails that you haven't replied. Now, in the followings, we'll guide you to achieve it with VBA. Provided that...

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2 Quick Methods to Count the Appointments Linked to an Outlook Contact

If you would like to get the number of the appointments that are linked to a specific contact, you can use either of the 2 means introduced in this article. Outlook allows users to link appointments to contacts. If you have linked many appointments to a specific contact and later want to count them, you must dislike counting them one by one. Therefore, in the followings, we will introduce 2 ways to you. You can choose ether to your liking. Method 1: Count in Contact "Activities" At...

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2 Workarounds to Update a Read-only Database in SQL Server

If a database is read-only, you can easily identify the status from the sys.databases or from the SSMS. A well-known fact is that you cannot update data in a read-only database. In this article, we will learn how to troubleshoot and fix this. Two options We can either use SQL Server Management Studio i.e., SSMS or T-SQL script to convert a read-only database into a read-write database. To understand these options better, let us Create a database Create tables within it Add records...

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