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3 Ways to Get Word Count Statistics Related to Text Boxes, Footnotes & Endnotes in Your Document

In today’s article, there are 3 quick ways to get word count statistics related to text boxes, footnotes and endnotes in your document. It’s not hard to get the total count of words in a document. But if you want to get the number of words of different kinds of texts, then more operations will be required. Following are 3 methods. Read on to see what you can use.  Method 1: Count Words Including Texts from Text Boxes, Footnotes and Endnotes By default, Word counts all words appear on...

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4 Useful Ways to Indent Paragraphs on Both Left and Right in Your Word Document

In this post are 4 useful ways for you to indent paragraphs on both left and right in your Word document. Now and then, we would like to quote paragraphs or texts in Word document. Therefore, as to make them stand out, it’s a good idea to set both of their sides in the same indentation value. For this reason, here are 4 methods available. Method 1: Set Paragraph Formatting To begin with, place your cursor properly. If there is just one paragraph, then put cursor anywhere inside...

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4 Smart Ways to Create a Landscape Table in Your Word Document

In this article, we will focus on showing you 4 smart ways to create a landscape table in your Word document. Now and then, while drafting a Word document, there can be some large tables which are better to be put in landscape orientation. Mainly, there are 2 thoughts. First, just set the page where the table is in landscape orientation. Second, keep document page in portrait but set only the table in landscape. Based on these 2 concepts, we come up with 4 methods as...

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