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6 Handy Tips to Add Line Numbers and Set Their Formatting in Your Word Document

The coming article shall show you 6 handy tips to add line numbers and set their formatting in your Word document. In word, you can add line numbers to document. Line numbers number each line on your document in order which enable you to have a quick idea of which line you are. Now line numbers are like any other normal texts and they have a style, based on default paragraph font. Besides, there are other formatting involving its distance to texts and text direction, which happen to be our...

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4 Methods to Remove Footnote or Endnote Separator in Your Word Document

In this post, we would like to share with you 4 methods to remove footnote or endnote separator in your Word document. If you ever insert a footnote or endnote into document, you will find there is always a horizontal line over the texts. This separator marks out the footnote or endnote area clearly. Yet, some people may find it annoying and would like to get rid of it. This article will provide you with 4 methods to do so. Method 1: Remove Footnote Separator Manually Firstly, click...

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3 Ways to Batch Change Text Format in All Text Boxes in Word Document

In this article bellow, we want to show you 3 ways to batch change text format in all text boxes in your Word document. Text boxes are often seen in out documents. While format document texts, we cannot forget those in text boxes. However, text boxes scattering in a document can make you hard to select all texts inside once and for all. Therefore, out of formatting purposes, it’s urgent to learn some trick to do the batch processing. Method 1: Utilize “Advanced Find” Feature ...

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