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2 Ways to Batch Delete Brackets and Inside Spaces in Your Word Document

In this article bellow, we will offer you 2 ways to batch delete brackets and the inside spaces in your Word document.  Now and then, people like to use brackets to mark words out of all kinds of purposes. Yet, after a while, you may decide to remove all brackets but only to find there are so many of them, scattering around your document. Honestly, it can take forever to delete them one by one. What’s more, out of some special need, you may have to remove all the spaces between a pair of...

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4 Methods to Extract Tables from One Word Document to Another

In this article, we are glad to show you with 4 methods to extract multiple tables from one Word document to another. Table is the most used mean we use to hold tabular information. It arranges data in rows and columns, presenting readers a clear view of all information. A long document can contain many tables, so there is the need to export them to a new document for various purposes. Here are our 4 approaches. Method 1: Batch Export All Tables from One Document to Another First...

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6 Ways to Convert All Footnotes to Endnotes and Vice Versa in Your Word Document

In this article, we will provide you with 6 ways to convert all footnotes to endnotes and vice versa in your Word document. It’s known to all that by default, footnote texts are arranged on the bottom of individual pages while endnotes are found at the end of a document. However, such default settings cannot satisfy people all the time. Even Word has built-in command for users to convert footnotes to endnotes and vice versa. Therefore, we generate 6 methods for you to pick up. Method 1:...

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