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2 Ways to Quickly Go to a Specific Paragraph in Your Word Document

In this post, we are delighted to show you 2 ways to quickly go to a specific paragraph in your Word document. There is the “Go To” function in Word, with which we can quickly jump to a specific page, section, bookmark, etc. But it’s such a pity that the built-in feature cannot take us to a designated paragraph in a click. That being said, we feel obligated to present you some workarounds. Method 1: Go to a Specific Paragraph in a Document without Paragraph Numbers First and...

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2 Smart Ways to Sort a Column of Texts by Length in Your Word

In today’s article, we will show you 2 smart ways to sort a column of texts by length in your Word. There are several ways to sort a column of texts or numbers in a table. But, have you ever thought about sorting a column of texts by length? In such case, your document layout will be more clear and easy for reading. However, there is no direct way in Word for us to sort in this rule. Therefore, we have to look for workarounds to solve the issue. Method 1: Use Word VBA For example,...

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2 Tips to Convert Tables and Associated Captions to Pictures in Your Word

In this post, we plan to share with you 2 effective tips to convert tables and associated captions to pictures in your Word. Tables are useful when it comes to a large number of data. They hold numbers in a clear manner for reader access. However, as far as data is involved, there is always the concern over data integrity. There are a couple of ways to prevent others from accessing your tables. Among them is the way to convert tables to pictures. And today, we would like to offer you 2...

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