Word Document Recovery

3 Quick Ways to Print Your Word Document without Markups

In the coming article, we will focus on introducing you 3 quick ways to print your Word document without markups. If your document requires revision, then you will definitely get all kinds of markups in your document. There are ways not to show them on screen. What about not to print them out? The answer is positive. And our topic today is devoted to provide you with 3 quick and effectual methods to achieve the objective. Method 1: Alter Print Options To begin with, click...

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How to Get a Periodic Save Reminder for Your Unsaved Word Document

In this article, we want to offer you a way to get a periodic save reminder for your unsaved Word document as to save file in time. Speaking of save function, there is auto save in Word. You set a fixed time interval and Word shall save any changes made to the document. But, this works, on condition that the document has been saved. The fact is that we tend to create a new document and indulge ourselves in work without noticing we haven’t saved it at all. Though we hate to admit, there is...

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2 Quick Ways to Auto Back up Your Word Document Periodically

In this article, we would like to share with you 2 quick ways to auto back up your Word document periodically as to secure them. It’s well-known that Word has an auto save function to save your document. Yet, it saves only new changes made to the document and there is and will always be one file. This is not so ideal since out of all kinds of reasons, such as power outages, your file has a high possibility of getting corrupt. Then what if you have a backup copy? That will definitely...

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