Word Document Recovery

5 Smart Ways to Link One Word Document to Another

In the following article, we will focus on introducing you 5 smart ways of how to link one Word document to another. There are many times when we need to link two or more related documents, so an update in source file can also refresh the text pasted on another one. Speaking of this, Word provides several distinct solutions. Let’s take a look to find out more details. Method 1: Use “Paste Link” Option Firstly, copy a range of text or the entire source document. Then put...

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3 Methods to Change the Comment Text Style in Your Word Document

In today’s article, we are delighted to show you 3 methods to change the comment text style in your Word document. As always, Word has default style for comments. And there is a huge possibility that you don’t like it. As a result, it would be nice to be able to change the comment style in your document. You can read on to see our 3 methods bellow. Method 1: Use Shortcuts To begin with, put insertion pointer at the start of the first comment text. Next press “Ctrl+ Shift+...

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2 Correct Ways to Change a Bookmark Name in Your Word Document

In the bellowing article, we would like to provide you with 2 correct ways to change a bookmark name in your Word document. While drafting a long Word document, bookmarks and cross-references can become our best friend by saving us a lot of time re-explaining the same point. However, unexpected issue can occur. For example, if you change a bookmark name and update the cross-references, you will certainly fail and end with reference errors such as bellow: The reason is that the time you...

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