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2 Ways to Change the Caption Style in Your Word Document

In today’s article, we are excited to explain 2 ways to you to change the caption style in your Word document. What is a Caption? A caption is kind of label, consisting of text and number. You can use it to number all tables or pictures in your Word document so as to maintain them in a sequence order, such as bellow: Generally, you can right click on a table or a picture and choose “Insert Caption”. Then select proper caption label to insert a caption. As you may notice, the...

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5 Ways to Not Over Stretch the Last Line of a Justified Paragraph

In this article, we will demonstrate you with 5 ways to not over Stretch the last line of a justified paragraph in your Word document. While align texts in Word document, justification is one of the most preferred options. However, when we justify a paragraph, there may be too much space between words at the last line, especially while it's a short sentence. See the picture shot bellow: This is an annoying issue which will make our document formatting unprofessional. Here we list 2...

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2 Useful Ways to Prevent Reference Errors Caused by Changing Bookmark Text

In this article, we would like to show you 2 useful ways to prevent reference errors caused by changing bookmark text. Accidental Deletion of Bookmark Causing Reference Errors Now and then, when drafting a Word document, we often insert bookmark and use cross-reference to quickly jump to a specific location. Now here is today’s issue. If we change the text of a bookmark which has been cross-referenced, and update the reference field, we often encounter with an error message, such as...

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