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2 Ways to Apply the Same Style to All Tables in Your Word Document

In this post, we will look at 2 useful ways to apply the same style to all tables in your Word document. Every so often, we need to create tables in our Word document to place and arrange various data. And if there are a number of tables, it would be better to apply the same style to them so as to make the file appear more professional. For this reason, we’d like to exhibit you 2 methods in the coming texts. Method 1: Apply the Same Style to a Table Individually Once you insert a table...

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How to Create a Bulk Mailer with Excel VBA

By following this article you can build your own bulk emailing application using Excel and macros. This will help you to save your money which is currently being spent for email marketing services. You do not need expensive web-based solutions. This app can be easily handled on your desktop or laptop. You can keep your email lists private and this is the most important advantage of this app. Download Now If you want to start to use the software as soon as possible, then you can: Download...

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3 Quick Ways to Change the Order of Sections in Your Word Document

In this article, we would like to share 3 quick ways which shall enable you to change the order of sections in your Word document. Now and then, while editing a document, we are likely to revise the contents over and over again. And during the process, there is the need to put a section of contents to a new location. Now let’s take a look at some examples in the below: Relocate chapter contents. In terms of a long document containing several chapters, the chapter’s order deserves...

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