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4 Quick Methods to Select an Entire Section in Your Word Document

In this post, we’d like to introduce you 4 quick methods which you can employ to select an entire section in your Word document. Once in a while, you shall find yourself working on a lengthy document. Certainly, you will organize the file and arrange content position. Among them, section break is often used to separate 2 pieces of contents of different subjects. Now let’s take a look at reasons to select an entire section: Do word count in a section. One section can last several...

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How to Create a WHOIS Lookup Tool via Excel VBA

Using Excel you can easily build your own whois lookup tool. This tool will help website developers or hosting companies to convert domains into leads. This tool displays name of people or organizations owning different domains. Download Now If you want to start to use the software as soon as possible, then you can: Download the Software Now Otherwise, if you want to DIY, you can read the contents below. Let's prepare the GUI The GUI of this tool is very simple. As shown in the image,...

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4 Quick Ways to Merge Two Tables in Your Word Document

In this article, we are glad to present you with 4 quick and easy to follow methods to merge two tables in your Word document. From time to time, we would have to deal with tables in our documents. For example, when there are 2 tables which holding the same type of data, we can consider merging them.   In that event, we offer you 4 working solutions to achieve such effect as below: Method 1: The Drag Way It’s not rocket science to join 2 tables. Obviously, the easiest way is to drag...

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