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2 Methods to Auto Update the Reference Range of a Defined Name in Excel Worksheet

Using defined name in Excel can save you a lot of time. Here we will introduce two methods to automatically update the reference range of a defined name in the worksheet. A defined name has a wide range of use. You can even use a certain name in formulas. The defined named can help you increase your work pace. Sometimes you will certainly add new items into the source range of this name. However, the reference range in the name will not update automatically. In order to solve this problem,...

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How to Create a Dependent Dropdown List in Your Excel Worksheet

We have introduced many useful tips about the dropdown list in our previous articles. And here we will introduce the method of creating a dependent dropdown list in your worksheet. The dependent dropdown list can be very helpful when there is a bunch of information in your worksheet. When you choose an item from the dropdown list in a cell, the items in another dropdown list will change the category accordingly. Thus, your work will be more convenient. Below are the steps on how to create...

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2 Smart Tips about the Filter Feature in Your Excel Worksheet

The filter feature in Excel is one of the most frequently used features. We will now introduce two smart tips when using this feature. When you have a bunch of data in a worksheet, you will certainly need to analyze the data and information. One of the methods to analyze is using the filter feature. But thus feature also contains many details that most if you may ignore. In order to help you use filter better, we have the two tips. You can continue reading the following parts. Tip 1: Use...

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