2 Methods to Quickly Save Each Excel Worksheet as a Separate PDF File

Sometimes you need to save Excel files as PDF files. And in this article, we will introduce two methods to save worksheets as separate PDF files.

PDF is a widely spread file format among users due to its character. Therefore, sometimes you need to save your Excel files as PFD files. And the method of saving as PDF files is very easy.

Save Excel Worksheets as PDF Files.

To save Excel worksheets as PDF files is very easy. Here are the steps of saving a worksheet as a PDF file.

  1. Come to the worksheet that you need to save as PDF.
  2. Click the tab “File” in the ribbon.
  3. And then click the option “Save As”.Save As
  4. Next in the “Save As” window, choose the path where you need to save.
  5. And then edit the name for the new file.
  6. Now choose the “PDF” in the “Save as type” part.Save as Type
  7. After that, click “Save”. Thus, the current worksheet has been saved as a PDF file. Besides, if you need to save other worksheets as separate PDF files, you can repeat the above steps to save one by one.

On the other hand, if you need to save the whole workbook as a PDF file, follow the steps below.

  1. Right click one sheet tab.
  2. And then choose the option “Select All Sheets” in the menu. Thus, you have created a sheet group.Select all Sheets
  3. Repeat the step 2-7 to save the workbook as a PDF file. Thus, all the worksheet will be in the same PDF file.

The above steps can only save one worksheet as a PDF file or save the whole Excel file as a PDF file. If you need to save every worksheet as separate PDF files quickly, you can use the two methods below.

Method 1: Split Document

In this method, you need to manipulate the steps in both PDF and Excel applications. And we will use an Excel file with three worksheets as an example.

  1. Follow the steps in the previous part and save the whole Excel file as a PFD file.
  2. And then open the PDF file in PDF application.
  3. In the PDF file, there are 3 pages for each worksheet. Here click the button “Bookmarks” on the right.
  4. Now move your cursor to the beginning of the first page.
  5. And then click the button “New bookmark” in the bookmark panel.
  6. Now input a name into the new bookmark. Thus, you have inserted a bookmark for the first worksheet.Add Bookmark
  7. Repeat step 4-6 and add bookmarks for other worksheets in the file.Bookmarks for all Worksheets
  8. Now click the tab “Document” in the toolbar.
  9. And then choose the option “Split Document” in the submenu.Split Document
  10. In the “Split Document” window, choose the option “Top-level bookmarks”.Top Level Bookmarks
  11. And then click the button “OK” on the window.
  12. Next you will see this information. This means that you have successfully split the document. And here click the button “OK”.Click OK

Now you can come to the folder that you have saved the PDF file before. The new PDF files will be saved in the same path. You can see that there are three new PDF files in the path. And they will be given the name of Part1, Part2 and Part3. You can also change the name according to your need.Separate PDF Files

Method 2: Use VBA Codes

If there is no PDF application on your computer, you can also use the VBA codes to save worksheets as separate PDF files.

  1. Press the shortcut keys combo “Alt +F11” on the keyboard to open the Visual Basic Editor.
  2. And then right click on the VBA project.
  3. In the new menu, move your cursor on the option “Insert”.
  4. And then click the option “Module” in the submenu. Thus, you have inserted a module into the file.Insert Module
  5. Now input the following VBA codes into the module:

Sub SaveAsPDF()

    Dim CurWorksheet As Worksheet

    For Each CurWorksheet In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets

        CurWorksheet.ExportAsFixedFormat Type:=xlTypePDF, _

            Filename:=Application.ActiveWorkbook.Path & “\” & CurWorksheet.Name, _

            Quality:=xlQualityStandard, _

            IncludeDocProperties:=True, _

            IgnorePrintAreas:=False, _


    Next CurWorksheet

End Sub

In the codes, we will save the PDF files in the same path of the Excel. You can also change it to other designated path according to your need. Besides, we also name each PDF file with the corresponding sheet name.

  1. Now press the button F5 on the key board to run the sub. When the process finishes, you can go to the folder and check the result.PDF Files

In the image, you can see that there are three new PDF files with the corresponding worksheet name. This means that you have finished the task.

A Comparison of the Two Methods

Both of the two methods can solve your problem and save Excel worksheets as separate PDF files. But you need to choose one method when you need. In the table below, we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of the two methods.

Comparison Split Document Use VBA Codes
Advantage 1.      If you are not familiar with VBA, you can use this method easily.

2.      Set the bookmarks can give you more flexibility on splitting documents. For example, you can also input two worksheets in one PDF files by setting the bookmarks in different place.

1.      You don’t need to use other software, Excel can fulfill this task.

2.      You can quickly finish this task in a short time by only pressing the button “F5” on the keyboard.

Disadvantage 1.      If there is no PDF application in your computer, you can not apply this method.

2.      Compared with using VBA codes, there are more steps in this step. Sometimes there are many worksheets in an Excel file, using this method and add bookmarks will be time-consuming.

1.      If you are not familiar with Excel VBA, you may meet with errors when you run the procedure.

2.      If you need to save the Excel file as one PDF files or input two or more worksheets in the same PDF file, you need to modify the VBA codes.

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