How to Quickly Insert a Blank Row/Column into Every Two Adjacent Rows/Columns in Your Excel

In this article, we will introduce a method to quickly insert rows or columns into every two adjacent rows/columns quickly.

In the image below, now you are going to input rows into to every two adjacent rows in this range.An Example to Insert Rows

Instead of add rows one by one, you may also follow the methods below.

Insert Rows

  1. Input the number “1” into cell D2 in this range.
  2. Secondly, input number “2” into cell D3.
  3. After that, select the two cells.
  4. And then double click the fill handle on the right bottom of the range.Fill the Column

Therefore, you have filled the column with numbers.

  1. In this step, input the number “1.5” into cell D14.
  2. And then you need to input the number 2.5 into cell D15.
  3. After that, select the two cells.
  4. And then drag the fill handle downwards to get 12 numbers in this column.Get Numbers
  5. Now put your cursor in the range.
  6. Click the button “Sort & Filter” in your Excel.
  7. And then choose the option “Filter” in the submenu.Filter
  8. Now click the small arrow in cell D1.
  9. In the drop-down menu, choose the option “Sort Smallest to Largest”.Sort Smaller to Largest
  10. Next you can check the result of filter. The Result of FilterHere delete column D in the target range.
  11. Next click the button “Sort & Filter” in toolbar.
  12. Now click this option “Filter” again in the list. Thus, you have inserted rows into every two adjacent rows for this range.

The Result

Insert Columns

Now if you are required to insert columns into every two adjacent columns, you can also use the sort feature.Insert Columns

  1. Here input the corresponding numbers into the row 14.Input into Row
  2. Now click a cell in this range.
  3. After that, click the “Sort & Filter” button in the toolbar.
  4. Here select the option “Custom Sort” in the list.Custom Sort
  5. In the “Sort” window, click the button “Options”.
  6. Select the option “Sort left to right”.
  7. Next click “OK”.Sort Left to Right
  8. Now you will come back to “Sort” window. Set the row into Row 14. You may change according to your actual worksheet. And set “Values” in “Sort On” and set the order into “Smallest to Largest”.Set Condition
  9. After you have finished the setting, click “OK” in the window.Columns in the Range

Thus, you have inserted columns into every two adjacent columns in the range.

  1. Now delete the Row 14 in this range. And you have finished all the settings.

From the description in the above sentences, you can see that inserting rows or columns into every two adjacent rows/columns is very easy.

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