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2 Useful Methods to Convert Numbers to Dates in Your Excel Worksheet

The numbers in cells will not turn into dates automatically in a certain condition. Therefore, in this article, we will provide two methods to help you solve this problem. You will certainly need to input dates into excel worksheet. And there are many different types of date format. On the other hand, you will also copy some dates into Excel cells. However, if there is no symbol for dates, i.e. the hyphen symbol (-) or the slash symbol (/), those numbers will not change into dates...

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How to Connect Different Files by Inserting Objects into Your Excel Worksheet

Most of the work will relate to many different types of files. In this article, we will show you how to insert objects into your Excel worksheet to connect files. When you are working on a task, you will certainly use many different types of files. For example, you will use Excel to analyze data and information. And you will use the PowerPoint to demonstrate some research results. Besides, there are many other types of files. Actually you can connect Excel files with other types of files by...

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How to Make Your Worksheet More Vivid by Inserting WordArt into Excel

You can make the worksheet more vivid by formatting cells and the fonts. Except for that, you can also use the WordArt in your worksheet. The WordArt is indeed a very useful feature in Excel. Besides, it also has a wide range of use. For example, you can use the WordArt for the range header in a worksheet. The image below shows a common worksheet. The content “DataNumen Sales Volume” is in the merged cells. To make the worksheet better, we have changes the font format. You may have...

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