2 Methods to Quickly Jump to a Specific Sheet in Your Excel Workbook

When there are many sheets in your workbook, you will spend a lot of time to go to a specific sheet. Here we will introduce two methods to finish this task.

If there are many sheets in your workbook, you will find it irritating to find and go to your target sheet. In the image below, you can see that there are many sheets in this workbook.An Example to Move to a Specific Sheet

If you want to go to a specific worksheet, you will probably click the arrow in the sheet tab bar to find the sheet. This will cost a lot of time. Hence, below we will demonstrate the steps of the two quick methods.

Method 1: Use Sheet Tab Bar

  1. Right click the sheet tab bar in the bottom left corner.
  2. And then you will see this list like the image below shows. In this list, you can directly click the name of the sheet. Thus, you will jump to that sheet immediately.Right Click the Area
  3. If there are more than 16 sheets in the workbook, not all the sheet name will appear in the list. If your sheet is not shown in the list, click the option “More Sheets”.
  4. In the “Activate” window, drag the scroll bar and choose the sheet that you want to jump to.
  5. And then click the button “OK”. In addition, you can also double click the sheet name in the window.Activate Window

You can see that instead of clicking the arrow and find the sheet, using this method can be more convenient.

Method 2: Use VBA Codes

Here you can also use the VBA codes to fulfill the task.

  1. Press the shortcut keys “Alt +F11” on the keyboard.
  2. And then right click in the VBA project area.
  3. In the new menu, move your cursor on the option “Insert”.
  4. And then choose the “Module” in the submenu. Thus, you have inserted a new module into the file.Insert a Module
  5. Now copy the following VBA codes into the new module:

Sub JumpToSheet()

    Dim FindName As String, FindSheet As Worksheet

    FindName = InputBox(prompt:=”Enter the sheet name that you need to find”, Title:=” jump to Specific Sheet “)

    For Each FindSheet In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets

        If FindSheet.Name = FindName Then


            Exit Sub

        End If


End Sub

  1. Now press the button “F5” on the keyboard or click the button “Run Sub” in the toolbar to run this procedure.
  2. After that, you will see an input box pop up. Here input the sheet name into the text box.Input Sheet Name
  3. And then click the button “OK” in the window. Therefore, the target sheet will be activated. Here after you click “OK”, you will move back to the interface of the Visual Basic Editor. You can move to the interface of the workbook and check the result.
  4. If you need to use this VBA codes frequently, you can also add it in the quick access toolbar. In this step, click the small arrow in the toolbar.
  5. And then choose the option “More Commands” in the list.More Commands
  6. In the “Excel Options” window, choose the “Macros” in the “Choose commands from”.
  7. And then select the target macro in the list.
  8. After that, click the button “Add”.Add the Macro
  9. Now you have added it in the quick access toolbar. Click “OK” in this step.

Hence, the next time if you need to use the VBA codes, you can click the button directly in the quick access toolbar.Button in Quick Access Toolbar

Make a Choice between the Two Methods

Actually, both of the two methods are very simple and convenient. You may wonder which method you should choose. In the table below, we have listed all the factors of the two methods, you can refer to it and make a choice.

Comparison Use Sheet Tab Bar Use VBA Codes
Advantage 1.      It is easy for you to choose a sheet because you can see all the sheet names in one window.

2.      You don’t need to deal with the complex VBA codes by this method.

1.      You can jump to the specific sheet quickly by inputting the name and several clicks.

2.      You can also use this method in other workbooks, which proves to be very convenient.

Disadvantage 1.      You need to open the “Activate” window every time you need to jump to another sheet.

2.      In other workbooks, you will also need to repeat the steps again. And compared with the second method, this is a little troublesome.

1.      If you cannot remember the name of the specific sheet, you cannot use this method.

2.      Using VBA macros will make things more complicated.

From the above table, you will have a better understanding of the two methods. And the next time if you need to realize this task, you can choose one of the methods.

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  3. Thank you, the Sheet Tab Bar works a treat. Been clicking forever and thought there must be a better way!

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