2 Methods to Convert Your Word Document to a PowerPoint Presentation

In this article, we will talk about 2 methods to convert your Word document to a PowerPoint presentation.

In terms of demonstrating files to a number of people, the PowerPoint comes to our first option. Now here is the situation: You have finished a Word document, but you have to create a PowerPoint presentation with the same content. Then will you start all over again and copy the content from Word file and paste it on the PowerPoint slides? Not convenient, right? Therefore you must grasp some clever tricks to reduce your work time.

Set Your Word Document in Proper Styles First

In order to quickly convert Word file to PowerPoint presentation with the following 2 methods, you have to set the Word file in proper styles. And the style we discuss here is the one relating to “Font”. Basically, you can set the Word text in “Heading 1”, “Heading 2”, “Heading 3”, etc. There are rules you must keep in mind that “Heading 1” style in Word equals to the “Title” level in PowerPoint, the “Heading 2” style equals to the “Subtitle” level, and the “Heading 3” style equals to “Text” level. In a word, only you have set your Word file following the above rules can you be able to convert it to PowerPoint presentation. For example, your text may look like in the following way:    Example of Setting Word Content in Heading Styles

Method 1: Send the Word File to Microsoft PowerPoint

To utilize this method, you have to add “Send to Microsoft PowerPoint” command to “Quick Access Toolbar” at first. Below are specific steps:

  1. First and foremost, open Word.
  2. Then click “File” tab.
  3. Next choose “Options”.Click "File" ->Click "Options"
  4. In “Word Option” dialog box, first click “Quick Access Toolbar” on the left-side column.
  5. Then choose “Commands Not in the Ribbon” in “Choose commands from” list box.
  6. Next, find the “Send to Microsoft PowerPoint” command and click it.
  7. Then click “Add” button in the middle of the dialog box.
  8. Finally, click “OK” to save the change.Click "Quick Access Toolbar" ->Choose "Commands Not in the Ribbon" ->Find and Click the "Send to Microsoft PowerPoint" Command ->Click "Add" ->Click "OK"

Now you can see the “Send to Microsoft PowerPoint” command available on “Quick Access Toolbar”."Send to Microsoft PowerPoint"  Command Available on "Quick Access Toolbar"

Convert the Word File to PowerPoint Presentation in Word

  1. Double click to open the target Word file.
  2. Then click “Send to Microsoft PowerPoint” command on “Quick Access Toolbar”.
  3. Now the PowerPoint will open and you can see your file has been successfully converted, just as below:Effect of Converting Word File to PowerPoint Presentation
  4. Adjust on the PowerPoint presentation if necessary.

Method 2: Open Word File in PowerPoint

  1. First thing, open PowerPoint.
  2. Then click “File” tab.
  3. Next, click “Open” option.Click "File" ->Click "Open"
  4. Now you will greeted by the “Open” window. First go to the location where you store your Word file.
  5. Then choose “All File” for the file type to be open.
  6. Next click the Word file.
  7. Then click “Open” button.Go to the File Location ->Choose "All Files" for File Type ->Click the File ->Click "Open"

And now you will achieve the exact effect as shown in method 1. Similarly, the Word file mentioned in method 2 must be set according to the rules listed above.

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