Outlook Data Recovery

How to Auto Use Different Fonts for Different Accounts when Sending Email in Outlook

If you have configured several email accounts in your Outlook and would like to use different fonts in outgoing emails as per different email accounts used for sending, you can utilize the approach introduced in this article. Many users hope that Outlook can auto select and use different fonts in outgoing emails based on different email accounts which they use for sending. However, by default, Outlook doesn’t have such a feature. Fortunately, you still can realize this with the help of VBA...

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How to Auto Set the Reminders of Weekend Appointments on Previous Friday in Outlook

Many users hope that Outlook can reminds them of the appointments, which are scheduled on weekends, on previous Friday. Now, this article will share a method to achieve it. By default, the reminders for Outlook appointments are usually set to 15 minutes before the appointments. In this situation, if any appointments are scheduled on weekends, the reminder will alert you on weekends. However, as the time is out of your working hours, most of time, you may not see this reminder in time. Thus,...

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6 Effective Ways to Back up Your iPhone Contacts

It’s known that the best approach to protect data is making backup. The same holds true for iPhone data. Now, this article will expose 6 useful means to back up your iPhone contacts. Perhaps you have ever encountered all kinds of data loss, such as computer data corruption like damaged Outlook data, smartphone data loss like missing iPhone contacts, or others. Therefore, it is vitally important for you to make a consistent and up-to-date backup for your data, no matter computer or...

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