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How to Auto Print the First Page of Important Incoming Emails in Your Outlook

Some users would like to let Outlook auto print the important incoming emails. Also, if such an email is too long, for not wasting papers, Outlook will only print the first page. Now, in this article, we will expose how to realize it programmatically. To manually print the first page of a mail is pretty easy. You can just change the print options before printing. However, if you hope that Outlook can auto identify the length of email and auto print the first page of a very long email, you...

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How to Batch Remove Deleted Color Categories from All Outlook Items

After you delete a color category, it will still display in the Outlook items, which you have assigned the category to. This post will teach you how to quickly remove such color categories from Outlook items. Outlook permits users to add and delete color categories at will. However, though you delete a color category, if you have assigned it to many Outlook items before, this color category will not be removed from the items accordingly. Now that you have deleted this color category, which...

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In-depth Insight into Head Crash on Hard Drive

As we all know, the traditional hard drive has mechanical components, such as the drive head. If a hard drive suffers head crash, the data stored in this disk will be corrupted absolutely. Now, this post will lead you to know more about head crash. Hard drive can fail owing to various factors, including physical damages, software faults, power failures and virus attacks, etc. Among all kinds of physical damages, head crash is unquestionably considerably serious. It usually occurs when a...

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