Outlook Data Recovery

How to Auto Sync New Contacts to another Contacts Folder in Outlook

Some users desire that new contacts can be automatically added to two or more folders in their Outlook. So, this article will share a way to auto sync new contacts to another contacts folder. Perhaps you have configured several email accounts in your Outlook. And each of them has its own Contacts folder. In such a case, when you create a contact in one folder, you may wish to sync it to the Contacts folders of other email accounts, too. Why not let Outlook auto accomplish it? Here we’ll...

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4 Effective Steps to Convert a Hard Drive from HFS to NTFS without Losing Data

To access a hard drive in Hierarchical File System (HFS) on Windows PC, you have to either resort to third-party software or convert the HFS to New Technology File System (NTFS). This article will teach you how to safely convert the file system on a hard drive in 4 steps. File system plays a greatly important role in data storage, read and recovery on any data storage media, no matter a hard drive, solid state drive or memory card, etc. Macs format their internal hard drives with Apple’s...

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6 Important Factors Affecting Hard Drive Performance

Nowadays, hard drive is widely used by both individuals and businesses for data storage. Therefore, a good hard drive is badly needed. Now this post will show you 6 vital factors which is influencing hard drive performance. It is an unquestioned fact that when a hard drive fails, the data stored in it will be prone to corruption, such as corrupt PST data. With no doubt, no one is willing to accept such data loss due to hard drive failure. In general, to block a hard drive from failure, we...

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