Outlook Data Recovery

How to Quickly Merge & Import the Contents of Multiple Text Files into an Outlook Email

If you want to merge the contents of multiple text files and then import the contents into an Outlook email, you can utilize the approach shared in this article. It’ll allow you to achieve that in quick time. Instead of insert multiple text files as attachments into an email, some users hope to directly import the contents of many text files into an email’s message body. It is apparent that you cannot realize it with Outlook native functions. Hence, you need to utilize other means, such...

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What to Do If a Hard Drive Is Fire-damaged?

Have you ever suffered the case where your hard drive got damaged by fire? In such a situation, what did you do then? As a matter of fact, most users do not know how to deal with the frustrating case. Don’t panic. This article will tell you what to do. One of the most severe cases of hard drive damage is fire damage. Moreover, the worst case is that some users would use cold water to put the fire out. However, not only will it cause water damage to the drive, but also it will result in...

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How to Batch Extract the Texts of All Tables in an Outlook Email

It is easy to convert a table to text, extracting the texts of a table. However, if you want to extract the texts of all tables in one go, you can use the way introduced in this post. In my previous article “How to Convert Between Text and Table in Outlook Messages”, you can learn the standard way to convert a table to text. There is no denying that it is simple. Nevertheless, if a mail contains multiple tables and you wish to convert all of them to text, using that way is a bit...

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