4 Top Reasons Why Your Computer Fails to Start

Have you ever experienced the case that your computer couldn’t start as normal when you hit the power button? It means that you will be unable to access the data stored in this computer. So as to resolve this issue, you should figure out its causes.

In reality, computer’s incapacity to start is a common issue. So as to avoid data loss from this issue, it is highly recommended that you should keep a consistent and up-to-date data backup on an external hard drive or other kinds of storage media. The backup will give you a lot of help in the event of data disaster. For example, if you have an Outlook backup in place, you can easily recover lost Outlook data without needs to use an Outlook damage repair tool.

Even though you can recover data from backups, you must still hope to repair the malfunctioning computer. In fact, a great number of factors can render computer not to start as usual. Here we will summarize and divide them into 4 types. Read on to get them in detail.

Computer Fails to Start

1. Abnormal Electronic Connections

Abnormal electronic connections often occur to the computers which have been utilized for a long time. The constant heating, cooling of the computer, dust and other bad conditions will make gradual damages on the electronic connections. If the connections malfunction, of course, your computer will go on strike as well. But luckily, this kind of issues is easy to solve. More often than not, you can check the three kinds of connections. One is the connection between a memory module and the motherboard. The other one is the connection between video card and the motherboard. And the last one is the cable. Find out the culprits and fix them. If affordable, you can call in professional assistance.

2. Power Failures

This is also a common cause for this trouble. When your computer is incapable of getting power supply, it cannot start certainly. Here so-called “power failures” can be classified into two. One is the power supply unit is broken. In such a scenario, simply replacing a new power supply can solve this problem. The other one is for the laptop. Something wrong may happen to your laptop battery, like improper connections, no charge within it, or corrupt battery charger. You can take varying measures on basis of the different battery issues.

3. Operating System Failures

When you hit the power button, the computer begins to turn on, but you hear some noises from the hard drive and some strange texts show up on the screen, it is likely that the criminal is a failed operating system. Most of the time, there are two factors that can result in this case. One is that some essential files, which support operating system to start, are corrupt or lost. The other one is that your computer may have been attacked by viruses or malware. Confronted with this situation, most people may think that the unique way to recover computer is to reinstall the operating system. Actually, you can resort to professionals, who may be able to repair the corrupt system files or fix the infected files.

4. Hard Drive Failures

Hard drive failures almost have become a ubiquitous issue for data. If you’ve used your computer for a long time, you should accept a fact that its hard drive must be degrading. You may occasionally hear some grinding sounds from the drive, or discover your computer working more slowly. In the end, your computer cannot start any longer. So you should take good care of the hard drive in your daily life.

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