Outlook Data Recovery

How to Quickly Select All the Inserted Objects in Your Outlook Email

If you received an email that contains multiple embedded objects, including tables, pictures, charts and WordArt, etc. and now you want to quickly pitch on all of these objects, you can refer to this article. Here we will guide you how to get it in one go. At times, you may need to quickly select all the inserted objects in an email. For instance, you would like to quickly copy all of them to a Word document or other files. Of course, you can choose to select them one by one manually....

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2 Ways to Replace All Occurrences of a Specific Text with an Image in Outlook Email

When composing an Outlook mail, if you wish to quickly replace all the occurrences of a specific text with a specific image, you can use either of the 2 means shared in this article. For some reasons, you may need to find all the occurrences of a specific text in an email and batch replace them with a specific picture. Some users think that this seems impossible. Actually, it can be easily achieved either via “Find and Replace” function or Outlook VBA code. In the followings, we will...

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3 Main Causes & Prevention Tips for Frequent Data Losses in Summer

In summer, there are many data loss cases taking place frequently. It usually occurs due to the extreme summer weather. This article will look at this issue and expose 3 main causes and according prevention tips for data losses in summer. According to relevant surveys, during summer months, there will be a significant increase in data loss cases. As we all know, in summer, temperature will rise and extreme weather, natural disasters will happen much more frequently, leading to overheating,...

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